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Why Trust our Advice?

Most “Ivy Admissions Advisors” brag about their own Ivy League acceptances and use that to justify the value of their advice.

I won’t do that.

Yeah, sure, I got into Ivy League schools, but how does that help you? If you just copied what I did to get in, it wouldn’t work. An effective admissions plan is customized to just one person: YOU.

My advice isn’t worth listening to because it got me into an Ivy League school. It’s worth listening to because it has helped 100s of my clients and 1000s of my followers get into every school in the Ivy League, and elite colleges around the world.

They didn’t get in by copying me. They got in using the principles I taught them to create a custom strategy and executed on it.

I founded the Ivy League Roadmap to help you do the same.


Andreas Stamatakis

Our kids get IN.