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Our Philosophy

Everything you were told about how to get into an Ivy League College is a lie.

“The SAT is “Optional” ”. Lie.
“Your income won’t be considered!” Lie.
“Applying Early will Double your Odds!”. Lie.

Let’s cut the BS.

The Ivy League Roadmap was written to bring a First Principles approach to College Admissions. No Gatekeeping. No Virtue Signaling. Just the real strategies that have helped dozens of students get into Elite Universities.

We start early. Other counselors begin their advising during the last few months before a student applies to college. We believe that is far too late. Instead, we work with clients for years at a time, helping to create the projects and accomplishments that make their story powerful. That story, which we convey in their applications is the key that gets them in.

Are you ready to write your story?


Our advice isn’t for everyone. It takes a rare student to be intelligent, committed and hard working enough to make it into the top universities on the planet. It takes a team equally focused and committed to help them get there. We only work with students and families that are as committed to their success as we are. To ensure each of our clients gets the attention they deserve, we only work with 50 clients at a time and open applications when there are spots available. We typically receive 100+ applications for every spot we fill, so our selection has multiple stages including a detailed questionnaire and interviews for finalists.

Admissions Advising

Admissions Advising takes place with Andreas, and only Andreas. He begins his process with a detailed biography of students and families so he can completely understand the challenges they face. He then works intensively with the student to construct an image they hope to create in the mind of the admissions officer at the end of the process. Andreas then develops a detailed plan, encompassing Academics, Extracurriculars, and Passion Projects so he can guide the student toward success, while resolving any obstacles unique to their situation.

Test Preparation and Academic Support

Academics are the first barrier to entry at any elite university. To ensure that our students are able to get the needed scores on entrance exams like the SAT and ACT, Andreas founded West Palm Test Prep, a boutique tutoring company from which the best 2-3 tutors each year are selected to work with clients in our advising program. The unique attention to quality and detail at WPTP has allowed it to grow dramatically in recent years, and we are now able to offer our students academic support in almost any subject in addition to preparing them for their exams.

Essay Editing

Andreas works with his Essay Editors as a Chef would work with a Sous Chef. Andreas has a personal relationship with the student, so he helps select the topic, content and structure of the essays. He then provides that “recipe” and vision for the essays to the Student who is fully responsible for all drafts. Our Editors then work alongside the student to help them revise the essays and ensure that vision is realized. The essays are then sent back to Andreas for review and final edits. No application is submitted without Andreas’ full approval. Editors are selected on the basis of extensive review of their own writing samples to establish their talent, and then train under Andreas before being allowed to work with clients.

Passion Project Support

This is one of the most unique features of our program and falls into two categories: Execution and Marketing.

A successful Passion Project 1) leverages a students talents 2) solves a meaningful problem and 3) scales up that solution to a level that allows a student to be recognized for their work. We’ve had students write books, become social media sensations, start non-profits, grow small businesses, do science research and even start a crop insurance company. While Andreas will do his best to advise clients as they pursue their projects, students will often wish to specialize in an area where Andreas is not an expert. In that case, Andreas will reach out to our network of Passion Project Mentors to find qualified experts who can help students grow their projects to the level they deserve.

Some projects are hard to explain so we treat social media as a secondary digital application that allows students to tell their story, beyond the 100 word box on the application. We have a dedicated team of photographers, video editors and social media experts that help students explain even the most complex project. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine a video.


College Admissions and applications are an extremely personal process. We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and privacy for each of our clients, with non-disclosure clauses being a part of all of our contracts. Any client information or testimonials shared either on this site or on our social media is only with the explicit permission of our clients, and obfuscated to remove unnecessary personal information. While voluntary referrals from past clients are welcome, any requests on our end for contact or other confidential information of past clients will be denied.

Our kids get IN.