50 clients total.

spots left.


Students in 7th grade (age 12) or older are encouraged to apply.

Yes! While we prefer to work with students long term, we do accept a limited number of rising seniors provided we think they have a fair chance of success in the admissions process.

Early. The earlier we begin working with a student, the more options we have to build an application that will stand out in the admissions process.

Yes! About half of our clients are outside the U.S. and we have an amazing record with international admissions.

Yes! Transfer admissions is as hard as it gets, and we love a challenge!

We receive roughly ~100 applications for each open spot in our program. This means it can often take a few weeks to review new applications. If more than 2 weeks have passed since you applied, you may email info@ivyroadmap.org for a status update.

Not yet. Our application process has multiple stages, and an interview is just the next step. If the interview is successful a member of our team will reach out to let you know you’ve been admitted and provide a custom quote.

Our program is not for everyone. We ask more of our students and families than a “normal” admissions advising program so we can deliver results that a “normal” program cannot. As a result, it’s important to us that students and parents have a complete understanding of what we ask of them, and what their weaknesses are so that in an interview we can clearly identify if you’re the kind of client we’re able to help. Reading the book (which is also available as an audiobook for busy parents) is the best way to ensure a complete understanding before our meeting.

Every student has different needs so we take that into account. If admitted to our program, you will be provided with a custom quote tailored to your needs. You will have an opportunity to review this quote before committing to our program.

Each year, we do take on a small number of clients pro bono if they 1) demonstrate exceptional need 2) are hardworking, talented and committed to this process. If you believe you would qualify, please apply, indicate this in your application and if you are selected, a member of our team will reach out.

Of course! The principles used in our advising and application process are effective at all US universities, including UC’s and other prestigious universities outside the Ivy League.

College Admissions and applications are an extremely personal process. We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and privacy for each of our clients, with non-disclosure clauses being a part of all of our contracts. Any client information or testimonials shared either on this site or on our social media is only with the explicit permission of our clients, and obfuscated to remove unnecessary personal information. While voluntary referrals from past clients are welcome, any requests on our end for contact or other confidential information of past clients will be denied.

Our clients have an average Ivy League admission rate between 3-5x the average rate for those colleges, with some doing much better.

No. The college admissions process is unpredictable, with dozens of factors outside of your control, and even more outside of ours. It IS possible to do everything right and still get rejected. We guarantee our best efforts to each client that we work with, but cannot guarantee any specific outcome either in terms of exam results or college acceptance.

Our kids get IN.