50 clients total.

spots left.

How to Work With Us

Andreas and the Ivy Roadmap Team only work with 50 Clients at a time in order to devote our full attention to those students. To apply for one of those spots please follow the process below:
Step 1

Read the Ivy League Roadmap. Our program is for committed students who want to work with us long term. Most people just “have a question”, and almost all questions are answered in the book. If you’ve read the book and you would like personalized guidance then you should apply to work with us.

Step 2

Fill out the full application form at this link. This application gives us a detailed background on students and families that our team will review to determine if you’re a good fit. As we receive ~100 applications for each open spot in our program, it could take a week or more to respond to new applicants.

Step 3

If your application indicates that you could be a good fit for our program you will be offered a preliminary interview with a member of our team. You and at least one parent must attend the interview, and both of you must have read the Ivy League Roadmap in advance. Exceptionally qualified candidates will skip this step and be invited to interview with Andreas directly.

Step 4

If your preliminary interview suggests that you would do well in our program you will be invited to a final interview with Andreas who will determine if we can offer you a spot.

Step 5

That’s it! The Ivy League Roadmap starts here. Are you ready?

Our kids get IN.